Brighter Battery Wall Washer Light
Mar.2023 15
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Brighter Battery Wall Washer Light
Create a magical atmosphere on your big day with our professional wedding uplighting.
Brighter Battery Wall Washer Light

12x18w(BO-S613) is a 100% TRUE wireless, battery-operated wall washer light that surfaces with a wide wash effect. It is perfectly mixes RGBWA + UV color. BO-S613 wall washer uplight has big powerful batteries, 24200mAh batteries, which can work for about lasting 15hours in one color.  Being part of the Freedom family of 100% wireless products, BO-S613 can be controlled remotely and works in Master/Slave with other Freedom fixtures (2.4Ghz wireless). The unit has multiple wireless control options via WIFI mode, and IRC remote to control. Built-in 32 colors, including 6 primary colors (R G B W A UV) and 26 mixed colors, quickly and easily set up the event venuevery friendly to novice users. You can also mix the color you want by setting the dimming of the 6 primary colors.

DJ Shaughn bought this model since 2021. 02, which used this light at several events.
(FACEBOOK: DJ Shaughn D), using his professional knowledge and ability to arrange and organize wonderful events for his clients, he has received many praises.

Uplighting is our popular product. The battery uplights series bulit in batteries, which its lasting time is enough for you to finish every activity,  so there are no power cords when you do activities. which can eliminate potential tripping hazard for you and your guests and helps to maintain a safe environment.
Reminds: need to charge full before the activities.