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BOTH LIGHTING is a global manufacturer of entertainment lighting and atmospheric effects equipment with an expansive portfolio of products with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Established in 2010 and headquartered in Guangzhou, China, the company also has overseas warehouses in the USA and Europe
Jordan Lee
Jordan Lee
These lights are amazing. Very well built and robust. They’re very bright when you need them to be and toned down when you’re setting the mood in the room. Pixel mapping via DMX is good. I haven’t tried the mobile app. 5 stars and I’ll be purchasing more for sure.
Henry R. Jimenez
Henry R. Jimenez
SOutstanding up lights. These lights are so great. Would recommend to anyone looking to up light a Venue. Very bright. The battery life is fantastic. Also. The very best customer service I've ever had. All Top Class. Just wonderful Thank you Steve Wedding Dj UK.
Himanshu Modgil
Himanshu Modgil
I have been DJing for over 40 years and love these lightweight uplights. They are bright enough for small to medium sized venues. Quality built product. You won't e disappointed.
David Gordon
David Gordon
Lights worked as expected! They are so bright they work well as washes and I was able to get them to work well with Sound Switch.
Erik Maggs
Erik Maggs
These lights are beyond amazing so simple to set up awesome sound to light programs easy to place anywhere. Would highly highly recommend you will not be disappointed!
Uplighting in Wedding Decor
LED uplights offer energy efficiency, a wide range of color options, and versatility in creating diverse lighting effects that can adapt to the mood of different wedding moments.
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DJ Rick Web
Both Lighting USA Agent
DJ Rick Web
Collaborating with Both Lighting USA agent can offer a range of advantages to both manufacturers and clients seeking lighting solutions.
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The Chroma Cannons is the ideal product to create a quick and easy lighting atmosphere. Use it for everything from mobile DJ events to simple home use.
In the realm of wedding décor, uplights and tubes stand out as an ideal combination, offering versatility and elegance. Uplights cast a soft, romantic glow, highlighting architectural features and floral arrangements to create a magical ambiance indoors o
Aura1915 is a cost-effective stage light, NOT bulky, and easy to carry. Enough bright to use in an event. The lights are placed in columns or floor to illuminate the space with color or floor, spreading their brilliance on the walls.
Bothlighting 150w Spot mover is small in size, yet features high output professional effects and surprise. It is super-bright thanks to its 150W white LED source, and it offers a 6° zoom angle with motorized focus, color mixing, sharp BEAM effect, and a r
Titan Tube is the ultimate LED tube for filmmakers, studios, event technicians, and any creative person. It emits powerful, tunable whites with ultra-high color rendering as well as colored light which can be applied to individual pixels or the whole tube
Creating an unforgettable atmosphere is key in event planning. Lighting is crucial, and the Smart DJ S6 revolutionizes this with convenience and creativity for any occasion.
Dazzling Visual Effects Experience the breathtaking visual effect that these enchanting fountains of sparkling lights bring, igniting excitement and infusing energy into every moment.
We would like to express our sincerest thanks for our customer nice feedback in the form of images and videos. Their contribution is invaluable to us as it enables us to further improve the quality and performance of our products.
the IR4 is an excellent lighting solution that offers a wide range of features and versatility in a compact and portable design. Whether you are a professional DJ, a stage performer, or simply someone who loves to set up a good light show, the IR4 is an e
These tubes come in a wide range of colors and can be easily programmed to create different lighting effects and moods. They are also incredibly durable and long-lasting. They built in Smart APP&Remote&DMX Programming. And have hard case & soft bag for
Create a magical atmosphere on your big day with our professional wedding uplighting.
What movinghead lights to use at your Wedding Reception? Let’s check our popular 100w spot light.
Lighting controls the atmosphere, which has a great deal of impact on the environment and emotions of your guests.Contact us to check availability for your next event Wedge Uplight.
Uplights can completely transform a space and are the perfect extra complement to your event room.The lights can be set to any color imaginable, are bright, wireless, and can be placed almost anywhere.
AURU19*15W Light is the first LED moving head wash light to combine multicolor beam LEDs with a backlight LED array that takes the synthetic look out of LED wash lights.
Wireless uplighting is our most popular lights, it can creating a beautiful glow around the perimeter of the room, accenting backdrops, decor and other special features, and more.
150W LED Spot moving head light, Application:Stage, Entertainment, Wedding, Party,Nightclubs, Disco, DJ etc.
Upighting has come a long way since the days of big, hot, expensive and unreliable individual units, that were largely practical only to install in venues and for the most serious mobile DJs.
What is uplighting and do I need it? Both of these are great questions so I will go over the basic concepts and give some technical info, but not too much. First of all, what is uplighting?
Firework machines and smoke machines are a group of common wedding combinations. Firework machines can bring unforgettable memory to your surprise moment, and smoke machines can bring a surprise effect to your whole wedding event.
Our S6&S4 Uplighting are the best seller in the market! So we have 3 sizes flight cases for the battery uplighting. Flight case with wheels and handles.
Adding a good set of DJ lights to your stage lighting setup is a great way to get the crowd moving! There are all sorts of different types of DJ lighting depending on the kind of gig you’re getting into.
Longer lifetime, increased brightness! Get more light, and better colors by choosing a BOTH Lighting LED stage light today.
BOTH LIGHTING is a DJ, Club & Entertainment Lighting factory that brings you real value with great quality at an affordable cost!
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